Electronic Soap Dispensers

No-touch electronic dispenser

The new no-touch electronic dispenser is cost-efficient, hygienic and luxurious, giving your washroom a completely touchless, high-performance system.

  • Great savings in amount of soap used due to controlled dispensing
  • Lessens risk of cross-contamination
  • Reduces servicing time – the high-capacity foam soap system means less time spent refilling

U9214700 - White
U1132900 - Silver

KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL Electronic Foam Soap and Sanitiser Dispenser

  • Extremely hygienic, touch-free soap dispensing
  • Controlled single shot dispensing helps control your cost-in-use – 0.65ml per shot
  • High-capacity delivering more than 1 800 washes before 1 200ml-cartridge needs changing
  • Easy-to-load cartridges that slot easily into place with no complex mechanisms


Foam hand cleansers

  • Ideal for busy, high-traffic washrooms
  • Less refilling, high-capacity cartridges
  • More efficient, reducing washing time and amount of water used
  • Luxury foam lather providing a pleasant hand-washing experience



KLEENEX Fragrance & Dye Free Foam Soap

  • Offers high hygiene and high capacity.
  • Each shot delivers a perfect amount for hand washing, preventing overuse.
  • 1 200ml-cartridge delivers 1 846 hand washes per refill.
  • Colour – clear formulation
  • Shot size – 0.65ml
  • Great cost-in-use


KLEENEX Moisturising Alcohol Instant Hand Sanitiser

  • For use with the KIMBERLY-CLARK professional touchless electronic skin care dispenser
  • Colour-free, fragrance-free gel containing aloe vera extracts, and vitamins E and B
  • 1.2-litre cassettes that are quick and easy to install
  • Controlled 0.65ml single-shot dispensing

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